What's included in your coaching session

    1. Book a time for your coaching session

    2. Coaching Services agreement

    3. Getting ready for coaching (optional self assessment)

    4. Donation on your behalf

    5. Evaluation and feedback

About this session

  • £200.00
  • Includes 1x1hr coaching session

Feedback from my coachees

“Being coached by Kelly was a really positive experience for me. The insights gained were invaluable, her warmth and belief in you as a client shines through. I have a deeper awareness of my self-limiting beliefs, and the impact of these assumptions. ”


“I was struggling to express my slightly chaotic and unformulated ideas about my aspirations. It was great when you helped me gain clarity and direction to situations where I was still just fumbling around. Thank you Kelly for taking the time to help me explore my thoughts, and for being a kind and warm-hearted support in the process. :) ”


“Although I thought I was already on top of what I needed to do as a manager, you gave me some really useful points for reflection including how to look after myself in the middle of it all. Thanks Kelly.”

Coachee facing conflict at work