Coaching programme

    1. Understanding the coaching process

    2. Coaching Services agreement

    3. Donation on your behalf

    1. Getting ready for coaching

    2. Book coaching session 1

    3. Coaching progress (before session 2)

    4. Book coaching session 2

    5. Coaching progress (before session 3)

    6. Book coaching session 3

    7. Coaching progress (before session 4)

    8. Book coaching session 4

    9. Coaching progress (before session 5)

    10. Book coaching session 5

About this course

  • £900.00
  • Includes five 1.5 hr coaching sessions
  • Access to self assessments
  • Extra learning resources

Feedback from my coachees

“Kelly has a relaxed, warm approach, and holds the space well for you as a coachee. Her confident, and self assured presence create a trusting, open space for you to work in. The coaching helped me to experience greater self-acceptance and clarity around my purpose.”

Coachee setting up a new business

“I would just like to thank you for your time and endeavour, our sessions always flew by for me. I always left the sessions feeling heard, as you hold the space so well. Your empathy and warmth in the coaching space seems effortless, and I felt very comfortable sharing and exploring my own deeper sense of self in your presence. ”

Coachee changing their business market

“Being coached by Kelly was a really positive experience for me. The insights gained were invaluable, her warmth and belief in you as a client shines through. I have a deeper awareness of my self-limiting beliefs, and the impact of these assumptions.”

Coachee looking to change some habits