Helping you get unstuck...

There are a number of ways that any of us might feel stuck. We develop behaviours or habits at serve us well, but over time they can become misfit or even dysfunctional for us. Recognising how we might be getting in our own way is the very first step to moving forward. Together, we explore your thoughts, experiences and feelings. I help you unpack your behaviour patterns, habits, beliefs, strengths, energy and possible mental obstacles that are serving you, as well as those that may no longer be serving you.

... and get going

We explore your goals or how you want to be different. I help you to develop your vision, and act as an accountability partner to maintain sustainable habits. You experience progress towards being, and staying, your brilliant self.

  • Get out of a crunch

  • Make sense of a messy, complex situation

  • Be a brilliant team leader or team player

  • Sustain your wellbeing and resilience

  • Use your power and privilege wisely and kindly

  • Courageously pursue your social mission

What coachees have said

“Being coached by Kelly was a really positive experience for me.  The insights gained were invaluable, her warmth and belief in you as a client shines through. ”


“Kelly has a relaxed, warm approach, and holds the space well for you as a coachee. Her confident, and self assured presence creates a trusting, open space for you to work in. The coaching helped me to experience greater self-acceptance and clarity around my purpose.”


“I would just like to thank you for your time and endeavour, our sessions always flew by for me. I always left the sessions feeling heard, as you hold the space so well. Your empathy and warmth in the coaching space seems effortless, and I felt very comfortable sharing and exploring my own deeper sense of self in your presence. ”


What you can expect from my coaching

  • Emergent coaching

    Emergent coaching is coachee-led. In a safe space you have time to think and to explore your feelings. Be ready to go deeper into underlying patterns of behaviours and habits. Challenge your beliefs and values.

  • Psychological processing

    Evidence backed strategies for personal growth. Coaching techniques are informed by the fields of neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, parts work and personality.

  • Just-in-time resources

    Access to micro-learning, self assessments and other resources tailored to support your progress through our time together.

About Kelly

I help you find your brilliant self.  People come to me when they are stuck in some way and trying to develop new habits or ways of being. Perhaps you are experiencing conflict in their team, navigate change, or seeking better fit with your role, or want to feel you can be yourself at work.  

I create a safe space for you to think well, overcome mental obstacles, and make change happen.   Emotions emerge and we explore these. We may unpack messy logic or habits that no longer serve. It’s totally normal to experience these things. Sometimes though they can stop us in our tracks.  We explore where you are currently and then dig into areas where you might feel stuck or have blind spots. I might also help you to explore your ecosystem – where you have control or influence.  You choose the focus and depth of the coaching to help you get going on the things that will make a difference for you.

As a business psychologist for 25 years, I’ve worked with people and teams at all levels facing strategic and practical challenges.

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